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Butterfly Wish is a story about friendship, love, loyalty and betrayal. But it is mostly about unchecked human behavior in a mecca of sex and violence. Shane Brennan and Manny Veneto are stationed in the Republic of South Korea in 1963 when suddenly they are dragged into the dark world of sin and exploitation. The two men are serving in the United States Air Force when their world surprisingly changes forever. Fifty some odd years later they decide to return to South Korea to find forgiveness and resolution to their life-long struggle with guilt. What happens to them upon their return is extraordinary. The story-line is edgy and often brutal in its details. (Adult Fiction). Contains some profanity-graphic sex and violence. Intended for readers 18 years of age and older.


An elderly couple, James and Julie, travel back in time to rekindle the flame of their lost love. When James suffers a near-death experience, it lures him into the world of the impossible. James had been haunted for fifty some odd years about the couple’s unpleasant breakup. He mostly blamed himself. But now James believes he has found a way to make amends. James has discovered a means to go back in time—back to 1960 with a chance to start over again. At first glance, it appears that James and Julie are successful, but the paranormal journey turns out to be a cataclysmic event with shocking consequences. (Publishers note:) Adult fiction - Intended for readers 18 years of age and older.