Consumer Reviews

William H. Desser  (U.S. Army - veteran.) 

This is a powerful narrative that pulls no punches. The authors graphic description of a clash between two cultures is a remarkable piece of story-telling. There are numerous characters throughout the story and none are easy to forget.


Mary Ann Murphy  

Wow, what an ending! This story has everything. It’s about friendship, loyalty, desperation, love, sadness and regret.


-       Cara Lockwood

        USA Today best-selling author of “I Do (But I don’t)”

  • Butterfly Wish is a sweeping tale of love, loss and guilt in the aftermath of the Korean War. With painstaking detail and brutal honesty, D. Davidson and R. Marcano bring to life a story few know, but one that won’t soon be forgotten. Haunting and heartbreaking, this story about the bar girls of South Korea and the Airmen who loved and left them brings to life a little-known time with amazing detail. Long since lost to the passage of time, many of the stories of these women who sold their bodies to American service men in order to survive are brought to life here as the authors focus on one GI and one woman who fall in love. Theirs is a stirring and tragic tale about how love can bloom in the most unlikely of places.