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Reviewed By Arya Fomonyuy for Readers’ Favorite

Butterfly Wish: A Doomed Interracial Love Affair Set in Post War South Korea by D. Davidson and R. Marcano is an adult fiction novel with great elements of a thriller, a story that follows two men serving in the US Air Force. Stationed in South Korea from 1963, they are suddenly pulled into a world of crime and sheer exploitation. The reader is transported into a world of violence and sex, where loyalties and friendships are tested, and where the characters tread the slippery path of betrayal. Can Shane Brennan and Manny Veneto come out of this dark world unscathed? Follow these characters, decades later, as they return to the source of their guilt, seeking to make things right. Will they find forgiveness and is redemption within their grasp?

It is fair to say that Butterfly Wish is for mature readers. It features violence and unfiltered images of sex and degrading events. However, it is action-packed, a powerful romance with a great historical setting. I enjoyed the treatment of the setting and the authors’ gift for leading readers into surprising places, making them feel uneasy as they follow the characters. The plot is the work of great imagination, unpredictable and filled with unexpected and exciting twists. D. Davidson and R. Marcano have the gift for great prose and readers will be absorbed by the vivid descriptions as well as the wonderful dialogues. The story reads very fast, and is like watching an action movie. If you enjoy novels that are deftly written and well balanced, then you’ll find a lot of entertainment in this story. You won’t forget the characters and the places they have been.

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Reviewed by Ray Simmons for Readers’ Favorite

I loved Butterfly Wish: A Doomed Interracial Love Affair Set in Post War South Korea by D. Davidson and R. Marcano. I loved it because I have been an American soldier stationed in Korea. I have had military buddies and been in love with a Korean girl. I have friends who married girls like the girls in the novel and I almost married one myself. The 13-month tour in South Korea can be a powerful experience and Butterfly Wish captured the fun, sadness, tragedy, and adventure that this experience can bring. I have often wished that non-military personnel could learn about this experience. Davidson and Marcano have created a book that goes a long way towards doing this. I wasn't in South Korea at the same time that this story takes place, but I was struck by how the events and the situation eerily mirrored when I was there twenty years later in another branch of service and another military post. The situation is so depressing and the human drama very heartbreakingly real. Butterfly Wish captures this angst beautifully.

The plot is real. I know. I lived it. The characters and friendships are real. I still have ex-military friends like that. The writing is good and the attention to details is right on point. Butterfly Wish is beautifully written and you will fall in love with these characters. If you have any connection whatsoever to the Republic of Korea, then you should definitely read Butterfly Wish. You will understand some of what our soldiers went through and still go through during this hardship tour. This is a rich and gripping story. It can be tense and dramatic too, but most of all, it is real.